The Possible Causes of Yellow Colour on the Eyes

Yellow eyes are associated with slight amount of yellow that affect the white part of the eyes. White part in the eye balls which suddenly turn into yellow can be the indication of severe health problems. The health problems that lead to the appearance of yellow colour in the eyes can be various such as liver diseases and cancerous diseases. This problem needs immediate examination from optometrist.


Jaundice perhaps becomes one of the main causes of yellow eyes. It refers to the over production of bilirubin that can leads to yellow pigmentation in some parts of the body such as on the skin and eyes. Bilirubin is formed by the red blood cells which are improperly broken down so that it lurks in the liver. This amount of red blood cells trigger jaundice to develops.

Cancerous disease

Some types of cancerous diseases also include yellowing eyes as their symptoms. Pancreatic cancer is one type of cancer on which the sufferers often has yellow colour on their eyes. This cancer is quite common for those who are smoking-addict and those which have overweight. Liver cancer is another cancer which contributes on the appearance of yellowing eyes. The majority of cases happen on men with age of 60 or more.