The Worst in the Kitchen that Can Get You Sick

Kitchen is the most important part of your house to support your health. However, not so many people are aware of their habit in the kitchen. There are several habits that you must stop to improve your family health:

  • 1. Using one cut board for all ingredients

How many cut board do you have in the kitchen? You should have at least two cut boards. Use one cut board to cut or slice meat, chicken, and any dairy product such as cheese and use the other one for fruit and vegetable. Using one cut board for all ingredients will make your food contaminated.

  • 2. Store all ingredients in the fridge

Do not store all of the ingredients in the fridge. Some ingredients like lemon, banana, flour, potato, and oil should store out of the fridge in the cool dry place with minimum light. It is also important for you to always wash the fruit and vegetable to rinse the pesticide. While the dry seasoning should be store in locked container to keep it fresh.

  • 3. Leave the sink dirty

Keep your sink clean and wash the dishes well. Clean the eating utensils before putting them in the sink. Use enough soap and replace the sponge at least every two weeks and never use the same sponge to wash the sink.