These Common Morning Habits Have Some Bad Impacts for your Health

What you do right after you wake up? Of course, there are so many various habits which we often do during the morning from right after we wake up till we go for doing the activities.

Perhaps, some of us often enjoy a cup of coffee right after wakeup, reading newspaper, enjoying fresh fruit juice, or some other things. However, actually there are so many morning habits which are often done by many people that have the bad side impacts for the health. Here they are.

Checking Email and Message from Phone

Many of us often check our phone right after we wake up even when we are still on the bed. That becomes the bad habit since it will ruin our mood. Then, for the serious condition one, it can result the stress.

Delaying Exercises

Deciding to delay the exercise of course will be bad for your health. That is because it means you will have not enough time for doing it and you would not be able enjoying that session. Doing exercise daily is a must since it will help you to keep fit and stress free.

Bathing using Warm Water

If the condition is not really that cold, it is better for bathing using the fresh water rather than warm one. However, the impact is it will make your body feels too relax and make you feel lazier to move your body. Bathing using fresh water will also help your body activating the production of endorphin.

High Carbohydrate Breakfast

Choosing the breakfast which is high of simple carbohydrate will be a bad thing since it will trigger you to consume junk food for the whole day. That is better to consume fruits, or even the complex carbohydrate menu as like oatmeal, whole wheat bread, muesli, and many others.