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These Habits Can Actually Wreck Your Teeth

Posted at January 5th, 2017 | Categorised in Helath News

Having clean, healthy and sparkling white teeth have always been a dream of every one. For some people, they don’t hesitate to spend considerably a lot of money to get their teeth fixed in beauty clinic or orthodontist. Getting your teeth treated professionally, it’s still very possible for your teeth to be wrecked by these simple daily habits:These Habits Can Actually Wreck Your Teeth

1. Chewing Ice Cube

Experts have said that the low temperature of the ice cube will not only get the teeth to suffer from pain. More than that, this bad habit can cause your teeth to become more fragile and easy to break.

2. Eating Dried Fruits

Dried fruits have also been known to be the main cause of your teeth getting fragile and yellow. Basically, dried fruits contain of vitamin C and other substances which are damaging to our teeth. It can be said as well that dried fruits also tend to cause cavity due to its high sugar content.

3. Swimming

Swimming has long be known as an exercise which can make our body healthy and fresh. That’s why it’s quite shocking to find that swimming can be a dangerous activity for our mouth, and teeth in particular. It has been found that the swimming pool has exceptionally high level of chlorine which can tear our teeth.

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