Unexpected Benefits For Health That You Might Not Know

Having sex is a fun activity you can do with your partner and there are some unexpected health benefits of sex you may not know.

Having sex frequently not only make you feel so closer with your partner but also make you feel healthier physically.

Following are astonishing perks you can get in by having sex regularly.

Less stress

Sex is also beneficial to reduce stress during your busy days.

People who have sex twice a week is able to manage their stressful so much better than who doesn’t have it.

That’s all caused by oxytocin and endorphin hormones which are released during sex.

Those hormones then activate the pleasure center in your brain which creates relaxation and intimacy feeling.

Those feelings can help to hold back depression and anxiety as well.

Sounder sleep

After having a great sex you will have a better sleep afterward.

It can happen because the endorphin hormone can help to de-stress as well as relaxing your body and mind.

It ends up a better sleep.

Treating cold

If you have sex in regular intake, you will have a high level of antibody which is called as immunoglobulin.

The antibody can help you to fight against diseases and keep your body from cold and flu.

These health benefits of sex are the most common benefits you may have heard before.