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USA’s Dilemma among States for Law for Wolves

USA’s Dilemma among States for Law for Wolves

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As one of the endangered species on earth, the presence of wolves is often the main theme of discussions.

There are those people that want to protect the wildlife of the wolves, but in the other side, there are also some people that do not care about the extinction of animals, instead, they love to hunt the wild animals, including wolves.

This is probably the same dilemma that happened to the United States of America, which was in confusion for the “unfair” legal act to be applied for wolves.

The federal judge of the USA, in August 2020, listed again Rocky Mountain grey wolves in the list of endangered species to be protected.

The dilemma was for the different law that was applied in different states.

The two parties in dispute were the coalition in which there was the US District Judge, Donald Molloy, that disagreed the partial delist of the protected animals such as wolf, where in one it is protected and in the other side it is hunted.

The other part of the other party in dispute is the US Fish and Wildlife Service that was in position to agree to put the wolf protection only in Montana and Idaho.