Utilizing Great Taste and Health Benefits of White Tea

White tea maybe is not as popular as green tea or black tea but people are able to find great benefits from this tea just like other teas. It comes with the combination of unique and great taste as well as health benefits.


From various kinds of tea which can be found, it is sure that people can consider white tea as a type of tea which comes with high antioxidant content. It is useful for preventing the forming of new fat cells. It has further benefit for supporting weight loss because it is able to slow down the ability of the body for absorbing fats. The caffeine compound within the tea can boost the body metabolism process. It also has function for fighting against obesity and reducing the diseases risk related to obesity.

How to Make

A tablespoon of white tea leaves can be put into a cup and it should be added with hot water. It needs to be steeped for 5-7 minutes. After straining the tea, they can add flavor by adding a little bit of mint or lemon juice. They can enjoy the great taste of white tea which comes with natural sweet taste so there is no additional sweetener needed.