What Do You Feel When Get Constipation? What Are The Symptoms?

Constipation happens because of unhealthy eating and also unhealthy lifestyle as well.

Therefore, it is very important to keep healthy lifestyle to avoid constipation and the other diseases.

Constipation may happen to every people from children to adult, so every people may have experienced constipation.

Even constipation common happen to every people, still you will feel want to stop it because the uncomfortable feeling when you have it.

What you will feel when get constipation?

There are some symptoms of constipation that may occur to every people who have constipation.

Every people have different habit of going to the toilet, when people go to the toilet less than usual, then it could be the symptoms occur.

Besides that, when people have constipation, they will feel uncomfortable feeling around the stomach.

Ache and cramp may happen to the stomach and usually it often happens.

Moreover, the ache of the stomach comes along with vomiting.

The other symptoms may occur is less of apatite and feeling of bloated.

Less of bowel movement, feeling of didn’t come out, hard stools, and abdominal pains are the other symptoms that may occur when people have constipation.

Therefore, when the symptoms come out, people need to back to healthy lifestyle and consume more fiber.