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What to do to get Rid of Dandruff?

Posted at December 13th, 2016 | Categorised in Helath News

Dandruff is super annoying; it is a condition when some flake skins appear in the scalp. This condition is triggered by the renewal of skin cells. It is when the dead skins are pushed out from the scalp. People with dandruff issue tend to have confidence issue. Dandruff is obvious and itchy, sometimes many people cannot hide it or even deny it since they may have to scratch their heads and clean their shoulders constantly. For those reasons, there are several natural dandruff treatments you need to know.What to do to get Rid of Dandruff?

These dandruff treatments will help you fight dandruff. First is by using lemon. Apparently, lemon juice can balance the pH level of your hair. Lemon also contains antibacterial that will help people to clean chemicals or leftover shampoo. The next one is egg whites. It is such an amazing antimicrobial. Egg white provides you protein and lysozyme which can protect you from getting dandruff issue.

Coconut oil is rich and famous for its fatty acids. These particular acids consist of lauric acid, caprylic acid, as well as capric acid. These acids kill virus and fight yeast that can cause dandruff.

Another tip as a part of dandruff treatments is by using camphor. This unique ingredient is commonly used by people to reduce dandruff. Overall, sometimes we cannot avoid dandruff issue; therefore, you must always prepare these ingredients at home.

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