Why Do You Get Constipation? What Is The Cause?

What is constipation?

Have ever experienced constipation?

Usually constipation happens to every people even if it is just once in every lifetime.

You can’t think that since it is usual to happen to every people then everyone must feel it.

However, even it common happen, still it will be better to not experience it.

Constipation happens because of the less movement of bowel and makes the stools hard; this will make people who have it uncomfortable.

How can it happen?

It happens because of some causes.

There are some causes of constipation that makes you feel it.

The first and main cause is less of fiber.

When you have constipation then you need to reflect yourself and ask yourself how often you eat fiber, when you consume less fiber, it will cause constipation for sure.

Is it just fiber?

Of course not, it also happen when people drink less water, remember that people must drink water at least eight glasses each day to maintain the body.

Besides that, eating habit also cause constipation, when people have bad eating habit then it is easy for constipation to come.

The other causes are ignoring when you feel to pass constipation and also the bad habit of unhealthy lifestyle.